Minivans For Livin' Large!

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My latest rant for


Tis The Season For Suggestions From Family

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Though the holiday season reminds us of many wonderful things, peace on Earth and good will seems shattered for most the minute family walks through the door. If not a visit, the annual phone call to grandmother is stressed by the repeat attempt to explain to her what it is you do for a living. At least you can tell her your phone battery is dying and you need to hang up, but even that brings an explanation as to why a phone needs a battery.

It’s based on love and concern. Keep saying that so you don’t unwrap a shotgun at the dinner table and scream, “JUST WHAT I WANTED!” Ho-BLAM-ho-BLAM-ho-BLAM!

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The Stone Age Of Web Design

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While volcanoes spewed molten lava and Velociraptors roamed the earth, the early 1990s was a frightening place for web design. HTML confused the tribe of humans and those of us who understood it were burned as witches for our understanding of the evil devil’s tongue.

It was, of course, true. With a few tippity-taps on a keyboard, which was made from mud and sticks, we could make pages with pictures, message boards and links that once clicked upon, would take you to other pages and places. Wav files of our favorite TV themes, songs and sound bytes were free for the taking and for MAC tribe members, and there was demon software that would change them to system sounds. It was black magic to all as fire had just been discovered and we still feared the dark and the high-pitched squeal of dial-up connecting to the internet. Oonga-boonga!

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